VLTAIn 2018, VLTA will focus on building an industry of lifelong learners and engaged self-advocates. We will promote strong relationships within the industry and among industry partners. By supporting our industry and the professional goals of our members, we will help the current generation pass the torch to the new generation of land title professionals, insuring Virginians continue to protect their property rights for generations to come.

VLTA: insuring…this land is your land.


Stephanie CampbellStrengthening the industry at all levels

This year, VLTA’s Education Committee will redouble its efforts to strengthen and expand education offerings through the association. With specific attention to the differing needs of different industry levels, we will offer courses targeted at new professionals, mid-career students, and experienced title professionals. As always, we will continue to offer education aimed at title insurance producers, real property attorneys, settlement agents, and title examiners. The strategic goals of the education committee include:

  • Expand education opportunities to include marketing, business operations, networking, and other training
  • Expand opportunities for attorney partners, VCTSA, and VCTE
  • Create content for new professional training, and empower companies to train their own staff
  • Refine and improve existing online content through regular audits
  • Expand ethics/law & regulations offerings


Megan Meloon (533x800)Promoting Engagement

The Events Committee is dedicated to promoting valuable networking opportunities for industry peers. To that end, this year, we will be bolstering our events offerings to include four 4-hour regional events, as well as our Annual Convention. We will also begin planning social events and a lobby day event for 2019. Our industry is stronger when we are present to learn from each other. Consider joining our events committee to help us expand our offerings – we need your support! Our strategic goals include:

  • Expanding Networking opportunities so members can learn from peers, boost business, and strengthen relationships among industry professionals.
  • Supporting personal industry activism
  • Supporting Education – live and online
  • Transitioning Convention to Fall Event to promote a better synch between financial calendar, Board calendar, membership calendar, and events calendar.


Emily BardalesFacilitating Communication

The Membership Committee reaches out to VLTA’s growing body of land title professionals to ensure all members are included in programming, and that education, advocacy, and networking needs are met. This year, the committee will focus on member outreach, increased networking opportunities both within and outside our industry, and expanding member benefits. We need feedback from our members, and we hope you will offer your input and support this year. Our strategic goals include:

  • Improve member communication – Association and Industry news
  • Expand live and digital networking opportunities
  • Increase affiliate involvement
  • Expand member benefits & communicate value of membership


Julie Rutledge (533x800)Sharing Perspectives

The VLTA Examiner Monthly is a unique publication, reaching thousands of local and regional land title professionals. The magazine features educational and entertaining pieces on title insurance topics for Virginia professionals. This year, we have transitioned to a fully-digital, monthly format, making it simple to share articles with colleagues, interact with colleagues, and learn from peers. Going forward, we hope to widen the perspectives shared in our magazine and promote virtual networking and education. Our strategic goals include:

  • Capitalize on the 100% digital format
  • Increase author roster to represent different perspectives
  • Provide digital networking space for “auto-networking”
  • Support education of membership


Norbert Prigge (533x800)Developing Industry Partnerships

The VLTA Legislative Committee helps members advocate for their own industry in a collaborative, informed environment. With the support of our Lobbyist, James Pickral, the committee reviews and vets pending legislation, and makes sure the rights of Virginia’s homeowners are represented in the Virginia legislature. Going forward, we need more boots on the ground! VLTA’s members are best served when we have interactions with decision-makers across the industry. To that end, our strategic goals include:

  • Continued pro-active legislative initiatives where necessary
  • Expand the Association’s relationship with the VA Housing Commission, VA BOI, ALTA, and other related agencies
  • Encourage the Association’s relationship with the members of the VA House of Delegates and the State Senate
  • Carefully monitor a variety of legislative proposals on both the state and the federal levels
  • Promote the growth of the Association’s PAC

Volunteers and Sections

A Continuum of Leadership Development & Volunteer Engagement

Virginia Land Title Association is best able to serve the industry and its professionals when members are actively involved in association activities. In 2018, we will reach out to members of all levels of professional experience and all industry roles to develop active, mature volunteers who can someday serve as industry leaders.

VLTA Board of Directors 2017


The title exam is the foundation of our industry, yet title examiners are underserved in the domains of education and advocacy. VLTA will strengthen its relationship with the abstractor community through the following steps:

  • Promote engagement among title examiner members
  • Expand educational offerings to Examiner members – both live & online
  • Promote mentoring through networking opportunities
  • Promote personal advocacy among the Examiner community
  • Expand interactions between Examiners and Agents/Underwriters

Settlement Agents & Title Insurance Producers

VLTA is committed to providing high-quality education, advocacy, and networking opportunities to title and settlement agents. The Agent Section is an excellent resource for leadership development and member outreach. To strengthen the section, VLTA will:

  • Expand non-credit education offerings
  • Explore methods to “train up the next generation of professionals”
  • Empower owners to train new staff
  • Promote involvement in advocacy efforts

Underwriter Section

VLTA’s Underwriter members support association activities through volunteering, sponsoring, and educating our members. We plan to help bolster their involvement through the following steps:

  • Promote involvement in advocacy efforts
  • Promote communication with members on topics like fraud, data-security, etc.
  • Ensure Underwriters are up-to-date on regulatory issues – national and statewide

Leadership development

VLTA needs leaders – and growing our members into future leaders requires careful planning and supportive mentorship. The diagram below shows the VLTA leadership continuum, a visual representation of the flow of volunteer development within the association. To engage members and grow volunteers through this cycle, we will take the steps outlined below.

Steps SP

  • VLTA Committee Chairs and Directors will actively seek out new talent to train as future VLTA Chairs and Directors.
  • VLTA Co-Chairs will actively promote voluntarism within the association.
  • VLTA Officers will work with Directors to help train them on important future tasks like budgeting and legislative affairs.
  • VLTA President will work with incoming President to train for the next year.
  • Make information more available digitally – monthly committee call info published & promoted via email (week of call) and social media (day of call); reinforced with Examiner Monthly publication (monthly)
  • Volunteer drive at events – (like this year’s committee open house)

Your Professional Association

VLTA is your professional association. We hope you will take advantage of all your membership has to offer, and help us sustain programs for the next generation of industry leaders.

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