The VLTA Examiner newsletter is a quarterly interactive online news-feed featuring member submitted articles focusing on educational topics in the real estate and title insurance industries, in addition to upcoming events, news and games.

Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Please keep in mind that the purpose of our newsletter is to provide educational material, editorials, and features to the VLTA community to enhance the profession in any way possible.

Quality. We strongly encourage authors to submit work tailored specifically to land title professionals. Articles written specifically to promote a buisness or service will not be accepted. In addition, VLTA editors will remove any content that does not fit the guidelines outlined here. High-quality articles that have been previously printed elsewhere are accepted, pending approval.

Article Types and Formats.

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • How-to/Practicals
  • Case Studies
  • Strategic Perspective
  • Graphics/Videos

Length. The length of the article should be dependent on the article content. The editing committee will work with authors to match the article with the appropriate length.

Research. Facts should be well-researched and supported, using the following as suggested resources:

  • Interviews with at least three local sources considered authorities on the topic. Include quotes from them in your article.
  • Journal articles or news stories that support your point. Link to or list these sources so that readers can find out more information.
  • Always use local, real-life situations and people to illustrate your topics.

Photographs. Writers are encouraged to submit photographs and graphics to accompany their articles (high-resolution .jpg, .gif, and .png files are accepted, maximum file size is 5MB). Photos should illustrate and accurately reflect the topic, issue, and meaning of the article. You must have permission to use photo and graphics.

Deadlines. The newsletter is published once a month on the third Wednesday of the month. Complete articles must be received by the first Wednesday of the month for consideration. Submission by the deadline does not guarantee publication.

Editing. VLTA works closely with the authors to refine articles for publication. In order to maintain the appropriate content and size of the newsletter, VLTA reserves the right to reject certain submissions or postpone their publication to a later date. VLTA reserves the right to edit, change, or omit certain content, including photographs and graphics, as deemed appropriate by the VLTA Examiner Committee.

Disclaimer. Opinions expressed in our newsletter are those of the contributors and not necessarily of VLTA, however articles will not be published if they do not align with VLTA mission and vision.