2018 Elections Recap

The elections held Tuesday, November 6, 2018 resulted in record voter turnout numbers in many states, including Virginia. Registrars in one Virginia Congressional district compared this year’s turnout to a presidential election turnout. Voters came out in high numbers on both sides, which resulted in several nail-biting races in Virginia and throughout the country. Senate … Continue reading 2018 Elections Recap

VLTA to host Lobby Day on Jan. 24, 2019

What is Lobby Day? VLTA Lobby Day connects the Virginia title insurance community with Virginia legislators. Representatives enjoy speaking with constituent resources on whom they can rely for information on proposed legislation. We identify participants’ Senators and Delegates, and set up 10-15 minute appointments to discuss relevant issues with those representatives. Worried you don't have … Continue reading VLTA to host Lobby Day on Jan. 24, 2019

Virginia Budget Update (Medicaid Expansion)

The 2018 General Assembly session adjourned without completing work on a new biennial budget.  The cause for the impasse between the House of Delegates and the Senate was the question of whether Virginia should expand Medicaid. The Republican controlled House of Delegates had included expansion in its budget while the similarly Republican controlled Senate had … Continue reading Virginia Budget Update (Medicaid Expansion)

CFPB Ruled Constitutional by US Court of Appeals

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Wednesday January 31st, 2018 ruled that the structure of the Consumer Protection Bureau (CFPB) is constitutional.  The 7-3 by a full panel of judges upheld the single-director structure of the CFPB. The Court of Appeals ruled that the director of the CFPB can … Continue reading CFPB Ruled Constitutional by US Court of Appeals

BOI Admin Letter 2017-04

The Virginia Bureau of Insurance (the "BOI) recently issued Administrative Letter 2017-04 (https://www.scc.virginia.gov/boi/adminlets/17-04.pdf) and the accompanying Informative Letter (https://www.scc.virginia.gov/boi/pro/resa/cpl_chrg.pdf) regarding Closing Protection Letters (the "CPL").  As these letters advise, the BOI has directed that charges for a CPL are premium charges rather than administrative fees and must be quoted, collected and remitted like all other … Continue reading BOI Admin Letter 2017-04