In September, our industry and our state association lost a treasure, Glenda Brooks. Glenda served on many committees for the Virginia Land Title Association, and was on the Board of Directors beginning in 2009, serving as President in 2016-2017. She owned Middlesex Title Company with her husband Rob and was an extremely experienced title examiner and agent, and shared her expertise with many in our industry. She and Rob loved VLTA’s themed conventions and always took the opportunity to dress up accordingly! She also created the word puzzle that went in each issue of The Examiner for many years – she was truly one of a kind!

She loved to travel and spend time with her family and friends. She will be missed. Below, some memories of and tributes to Glenda……..

Our industry, and our association in particular, has suffered another great loss.  Doug Dewing’s passing left a void for so many people across the state, and the passing of Glenda Brooks has left us bereft of another stalwart leader of our industry. Glenda’s knowledge, contributions and endless dedication to the safe, effective transfer of real estate was only out paced by her years-long dedication to the VLTA. 

Serving in many roles with VLTA over the years, culminating in her Presidency of the Association in 2016-2017, Glenda was an inspiration to so many who followed in her footsteps. She will be sorely missed.

~ Mary Long, President 2022-2023

Glenda’s passion for our Association, and industry as a whole, was clear through her volunteer efforts and the commitment she put forth while serving on the VLTA Board of Directors over the years. She was always eager to lend a hand, excited to participate in theme (does anyone remember her banana suit to Rob’s coconut bra during the luau happy hour?) and a champion for others within the industry. 

Glenda, and her husband Rob, attended every Convention that I can remember and were usually the first people I would see upon my arrival. She would always greet me with her sweet smile and a warm hug. One of my fondest memories with Glenda was during the 2019 Convention. After my installation as President, she greeted me with that familiar warm embrace and shared the kindest words of support. What she shared was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment – and she knew it. 

She was a pillar of our Association, the most supportive and genuine individual and she is greatly missed.

~ Megan Meloon, President, 2019-2020

Glenda was so dedicated to our industry and she and Rob made such a dynamic duo. I don’t think there was a fact pattern or situation that came up that she hadn’t dealt with at least once or twice in her career. She was a walking encyclopedia of crazy closing stories as well. 

She had a refreshingly quick wit about her, and you never had to wonder where she stood on an issue in our industry because she would tell you straight up, and I loved that!

The one thing more important to her than our industry was her family. She leaves big shoes to fill, and we are all better for having been her colleague and friend.

~ Katherine C. Crawford, President, 2017-2018

I had the pleasure of serving with Glenda on the VLTA Board of Directors for many years, including my last year on the Board when Glenda was President and I was Past President. I could not have asked for a better colleague and fellow Board member: soft-spoken, congenial, engaging, always willing to contribute, and very others-focused. And Glenda had a great sense of humor. In small and big ways, Glenda provided a fine example for us all to follow. I will miss her very much.

~ Kevin Pogoda, President, 2015-2016

I was so fortunate to get to know Glenda while we were both on the Board of Directors. We had so much fun working together and getting to know one another. During our time on the Board, the members of the Board would meet the night before our Board Meeting for dinner. Our discussions would be about the family, the stress of working in the industry and of course, Board matters. Glenda loved VLTA and worked diligently to accomplish everything put before her.

At one event Glenda and I were attending, we were both exhausted. It had been a busy week taking care of business, kids and grandkids. We always talked about our families, the good and the bad. At dinner that night, Glenda and I got to laughing about the kids and grandkids and just couldn’t’ stop laughing. The people in the restaurant were looking at us as we were laughing so hard and that made us laugh even more. As they say, laughter is infectious so more people were laughing and smiling when we left the restaurant. We both agreed that laughter was the best medicine for that night.  

Glenda was an asset to VLTA and I miss her.

~Myrna Keplinger, President, 2014-2015

Glenda, a woman who always had a smile on her face. She never hesitated to participate and lead. I loved her outgoing personality as I was always eager to see her costume at each of our VLTA conventions. We were blessed to have her individual touch and blessing as our Past President. Her attention to detail in her career was always top notch. She is a mentor and one who we will all benefit from knowing. I will miss her. 

~ Joanne Payne, President, 2008-2009

I must confess, I did not know Glenda had passed until months after she left us. Far too often, we leave a job and fail to keep up with our friends as we embark on new journeys. Unfortunately, I failed Glenda, and had not spoken with her in nearly 5 years. But reflecting on her life and our relationship, I remain grateful for the joy she imbued into my life and my position at VLTA.

When I first joined VLTA as executive director in 2013, I was terribly nervous; I knew almost no one on the board of directors. There were no familiar faces staring back at me from the crowd, save those who had interviewed me. In January 2014, our first board meeting was held. I chose to stay over the night before so I could be sure to arrive bright and early for the day’s meeting. Glenda, in her kindness and wisdom, offered to share a hotel room with me. She was the first stranger-turned-friend on the board…and she didn’t even complain about my snoring.

Over the years, as Glenda rose through the ranks to President, we worked more closely together. Held in great esteem by her colleagues, she was a true peer among the board. She led from the front, never asking another to do work she wouldn’t do herself. We needed more content for the magazine? Glenda authored the puzzles. Needed more speakers for convention? Glenda gladly offered up her husband. Needed guidance, support, mentorship, or just plain fun? Glenda was always there, ready to lend a hand.

More than her leadership style, what I remember most fondly about Glenda was her style of friendship. Even as a senior citizen, she could still giggle and gossip like a high schooler, doubling us all over in laughter. And if you had a bad day, she’d cheer you up with a kind word and a corny joke.

I guess in the midst of this tumultuous time, the Good Lord figured he needed someone to cheer him up, too, and called Glenda home. I figure she’s up there right now telling him a joke, and keeping her mouth shut about his snoring, too.

Thanks for all the good times, Glenda.

-Katie, Executive Director, 2013-2019

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