Virginia Code § 38.2-1800 defines “title insurance agent” as “an agent licensed in the Commonwealth to sell, solicit, or negotiate title insurance, and performing all of the services set forth in § 38.2-4601.1.” Those services include: “(i) the evaluation of the title search to determine the insurability of the title; (ii) a determination of whether or not underwriting objections have been cleared; (iii) the actual issuance of a title commitment or binder and endorsements; and (iv) the actual issuance of the policy or policies and endorsements on behalf of the title insurance company.”

Bottom line: if you want to do any of these things, you need a title insurance license. To get one, you must pass a state-required exam. And before you can take the exam, you must take 16 hours of pre-licensing education required by Va. Code § 38.2-1814.1, covering topics that are set forth in a Content Outline promulgated by the Bureau of Insurance.

This is where the VLTA comes in. Since 2015, the VLTA has offered the industry’s leading pre-licensing course to satisfy these requirements. The overall objective of the course is simply this: PREPARE YOU TO PASS THE STATE EXAM.

The numbers speak for themselves. Since 2017, VLTA’s Pre-Licensing Course has had the highest overall pass rate than any course offered by any other provider.

The course is delivered in 40 bite-sized modules which explain each concept covered in the Content Outline. Each module is narrated and well-illustrated with colorful pictures to help get the content across. Learning checks along the way ensure you are progressing with the knowledge you need to pass the exam. Each unit is self-paced, which means you can do as much or as little as you’d like at a time, anytime of day. You can pick up where you left off at your own convenience on any device just by logging in. At the end of the course, you will have access to study questions to prepare for the exam. Once you have successfully completed all portions of the class, you will be able to print the required course completion paperwork so that you can sit for the exam. 

And as a special bonus for attorneys, this course is approved for 16 hours of Continuing Legal Education.

The course is presented by Kevin Pogoda, an industry veteran whose sense of humor and clear explanations can make even the most difficult material fun and enjoyable to learn.  Kevin regularly speaks as an instructor before various groups, including attorneys, real estate agents, and title/settlement agents. Kevin is a VLTA Past President and a recipient of the 2017 VLTA Distinguished Service Award and the 2021 VLTA Presidential Award for Service.

Learn at your own pace. Study conveniently with our online questions and course manual. Be prepared for the exam. Click here for more information.

Kevin T. Pogoda, Esq.
Kevin T. Pogoda serves as First Vice President and Virginia State Manager, Northern Division at Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. In his capacity as Virginia State Manager, Kevin regularly speaks as an instructor before various groups, including attorneys, real estate agents, title examiners and title settlement agents.

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