Are you prepared in the event of a Disaster?  

Answer these top 5 questions and you will have the start of an Emergency Plan!

  1. What do you need in order to keep your business going? 

…You have been given only 15 minutes to get in and out of your office, what would you get?

2. Who do you need to call? 

…Ghost Busters?  Do you have a list of all emergency contacts and employees?  Do you have a list of all Insurance and Vendor contacts and a copy of all the policies?

3. Who would you want, who do you need to help you?

…You have been given only 15 minutes to get in and out of your office, who do you want with you to help? How many people do you need?  Who is on your disaster recovery team?

4. What inventory office items need to be replaced?

…Can you give the Insurance Company a complete list of what needs to be replaced?  Do you have a complete inventory of everything in your office? For your office equipment, do you have the serial numbers of all hardware and software products?  Will you get replacement value or depreciation value?

5. Are you prepared for Business Continuity after a disaster?

…Do you have a backup of your most recent office activity?  Can you operate immediately and seamlessly in the event of a disaster so that you don’t lose business or revenues? How would you do this?  What is your plan?

Stay tuned for a short series of Examiner articles in the upcoming months related to Disaster Recovery and Emergency Planning in order for your to have Business Continuity!

By: Julie Ann Rutledge, VCTE
Land Title Research, Inc.

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