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Why should you renew your VLTA membership?

Simple! Education, Networking, and Advocacy.


Virginia Land Title Association is the only provider of the full suite of Virginia-specific land title education programs. VLTA offers online pre-licensing education; the Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent ™ course; the Virginia Certified Title Examiner ™ course; continuing education; continuing legal education; and certification continuing education both live and online. Earn your mandatory 4 hours of non-agency sponsored credits while engaging with national and local experts. VLTA members have access to 100% FREE online continuing education, 50% off licensure and certification courses; free regional education events; and up to 50% off our Annual Convention.


Virginia Land Title Association supports your business and the industry through advocacy and direct lobbying. Each year, we review and track dozens of proposed bills; develop relationships with key legislators; interact directly with entities such as the Housing Commission, the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board, the Virginia Court Clerks Association, and the Virginia State Bar; offer members engagement support through TAN; and propose and support VLTA-developed legislation. Our legislative committee is an active and thriving committee dedicated to bolstering the interests of our industry.

News, Updates, and Trainings

As a member of VLTA, you will be part of a community of professionals in the know. VLTA keeps you up to date on industry news; trains you for upcoming regulatory changes; and helps you stay in business with targeted workshops and webinars. A recent industry survey showed that as of May 14, 2015, roughly 50% of VLTA members were prepared to undergo Best Practices certification, compared to roughly 15% of the industry at large. VLTA members are prepared to compete in this ever-changing marketplace. Are you?

Choose Your Level of Benefits

This year, Virginia Land Title Association is offering a tiered member benefits program. Companies can choose their level of benefits based on their needs. We encourage all members to consider the all-inclusive membership model. For just a few dollars more each year, members will have access to our new, world-class online continuing education portal, deep discounts on Convention, and free attendance at regional events. Who could ask for more?


Standard Membership

All-Inclusive Membership

25% off online continuing education courses for ALL members of your company FREE online continuing education for all members of your company
Up to 15% off VLTA’s Annual Convention Up to 50% off VLTA’s Annual Convention
Discounts on products and services offered by vendors FREE attendance at up to 3 regional events each year
Legislative & Advocacy Support 50% off Licensing & Certification Courses
Networking Opportunities Discounts on products and services offered by our vendors
Exclusive training opportunities workshops, and webinars Legislative & Advocacy Support
Digital subscription to the VLTA Examiner magazine Networking Opportunities
News, updates, and more! Exclusive training opportunities, workshops, and webinars
Digital subscription to the VLTA Examiner magazine
News, updates, and more!
 Reserved online branding for sponsors at the Virginia Land Title Institute


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