Remote Online Notarization (RON) has been in the news for years – ever since Virginia became the first state in the country to allow the practice in 2011. As of Jan. 1, 2020, 17 states allow notaries to conduct remote notarizations and 5 others have passed RON legislation that will take effect in the near future. Several other states are considering legislation on this issue, and we expect the number of states allowing remote notarization to continue to climb. The federal government is even considering permitting nationwide use of Remote Online Notarization, detailed in the proposed Securing and Enabling Commerce Using Remote and Electronic (SECURE) Notarization Act of 2020.

As RON legislation continues to be passed and more companies and professionals begin adopting the technology, we want you to be prepared to answer questions on the topic from your customers. Over the past few years, we’ve also been vetting and adding third party vendors to our SoftPro 360 platform that make digitizing the closing process easier for you. We intend to continually add vendors that will bring value to your digital closing experience and will keep you updated as we onboard them.

This free e-book on Remote Online Notarizations is the first in a two-part series. The second e-book will cover our SoftPro 360 integrated partners and third-party vendors who offer RON and e-signing services.

Download our RON (Part 1) e-book to learn all the basics of RON, including:

• What Remote Online Notarization means
• Updates on states that have passed RON legislation
• Digital technology terms and definitions
• The different types of closings – traditional and digital
• The ways RON can benefit you and your business
• How remote notaries identify signers


Interested in our RON (Part 2) e-book that includes a list of current RON providers and a how-to guide on how to get started with RON? Download Part 2 below:


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