Are you a Virginia Certified Title Examiner or Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent? It’s that time again! Your Certification Continuing Education (CCE) is due by December 31, 2018.

How to Earn Credits

VCTEs and VCTSAs can earn credits both live and online. Sign up for a Fall Regional Event or visit our online education platform to earn credits.

Check your transcript online

Login to check your transcript

Login credentials were emailed to each VCTE & VCTSA in 2017. If you have not received credentials, please email our office at Your login credentials for your transcript are DIFFERENT than your VLTA login credentials, but can be reset to whatever you prefer.

Find a Certified Professional

Virginia Land Title Association offers Virginia’s only land title industry certifications, the Virginia Certified Title Examiner (VCTE) and the Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent (VCTSA). Developed in 2011, and launched in 2012, these programs have attracted the attention of hundreds of professionals across the state, and have enjoyed remarkable success. Virginia Land Title Association is proud of the accomplishments of our certification holders, and we strive to provide continuing education that will help these professionals to continue to expand their industry knowledge. Certified professionals have specialized, advanced training – choose a certified professional!

List of Certified Professionals

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