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If there is no Will found during your title search, you should look for:

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The term "alien" as used in the Course of Descent & Distribution is defined as what?

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Dower and Curtesy was abolished:

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The General Rule from 1785 to 1978 was that an illegitimate child (and descendants) could inherit how?

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A person who dies ______________ is defined as a person who died with a Will, but there was no provision for the "______________________________" in the Will.

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This Land Is Whose Land?
This land is YOUR land!
You really know your stuff! This land was made for you and meeeeeee!
This land is OUR land
Nice job! Keep up the good work!
This land is MY land
Try again - this land was made for you and me!

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10 thoughts on “Prize Quiz: This land is whose land?

  1. Thank you for a great title search break! Fun education. Back to seeing who owns THIS piece of land…

  2. The Clerk will record a driver’s license? Aren’t there personal data issues involved?

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