2018 is end of the biennium – only six months to go! Have you already completed your continuing education requirements and paid your $20 continuance fee to keep your Virginia title license active next year? You must complete 16 hours of CE, including three hours of Ethics (may include Law & Regs) and pay your continuance fee by 12/31/2018.  Remember that 25% of your hours (4) must be non-insurance company/non-insurance agency hours – VLTA hours are non-company/non-agency hours so take advantage of Regional Events and Online CE offered through your membership or for a small fee.  Click this convenient link to visit http://www.VirginiaInsuranceCE.com to pay your CE continuance fee online today, review your CE Transcript, and find Available Courses.  Need your license number to pay your fee?  There is a quick link on the Pay CE Continuance Fee link or you can search:  http://www.scc.virginia.gov/boi/ConsumerInquiry/Search.aspx?searchType=agent

Will you be 65 years old by then end of 2018? Have you had your Virginia resident/non-resident title license for 20 consecutive years?  New legislation effective 1/1/2019 eliminates the 65/20 Continuing Education Exemption and brings Virginia in line with other licensing jurisdictions around the United States.  VLTA promotes lifelong learning and professionalism in our industry and I encourage all agent to take CE as long as they maintain an active role; however, this is your final opportunity to apply for an exemption from taking CE courses.   Age 65 and 20 Year Licensed Exemption Request Form 2018

New leadership at the Bureau of Insurance under Commissioner Scott A. White and a change at the helm of the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board, from Kenneth Hein to longstanding member, John G. Lee, signifies continued regulation of Virginia insurance companies and effective continuing education programs for licensed agents, ensuring citizens have solid insurance access and protection across all lines of insurance throughout the Commonwealth.

Resident CE Compliance Schedule for the 2017-2018 Biennium

Compliance Schedule

Special thanks to Leslie Kostelecky for serving as the VLTA representative to the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board (VICEB). 

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