The mission of the Association is to advance the efficient and secure transfer of ownership of real property by proactively serving its members, the consumer, and affiliated associations. The VLTA PAC exists to support VLTA’s legislative efforts on behalf of its members. Led by a committee consisting of volunteers and our Board of Directors, the PAC committee identifies important individuals and organizations requiring support to benefit the industry. The greater our reserves, the greater our influence on behalf of you and your industry! Donate to the PAC today!

We offer our warmest thanks to the following individuals and companies for their contributions to our PAC in 2017.


  • Fidelity National Title Insurance Co.
  • Glenda Brooks
  • Bonita Reeves
  • Myrna Keplinger
  • Carol Hare
  • Sonia Kuppert
  • Katherine Crawford


  • Frank McCormick
  • Debra Keplinger
  • Lisa Lettau
  • James Basgier
  • Terrie Chaplin
  • Elizabeth Jamerson
  • Sharon Keegan
  • Claire Kennett
  • Jack McGrath
  • Mark Steele
  • Jeff Thompson
  • JoAnn Waller


  • Judy Blackwell
  • Sharron Kennovin
  • Paul Sawtell
  • Megan Meloon
  • Janet England
  • David Asaki
  • Peggy Ayres
  • Jim Basgier
  • Laura Beck
  • Paola Beizaga
  • Dixie Benton
  • Cathy Bishop
  • Robert Blackwood
  • James Brooks
  • Stephan Chertoff
  • Christopher Clarke
  • I Mark Cohen
  • Kenny Collier
  • Mina Croson
  • Wayne Cumberbatch
  • Linda DeSantis
  • Sherron Fantauzzi
  • Charles Fincher
  • Thomas Gates
  • Kimberly Haywood
  • D Leigh Hewartson
  • Nash Hunsberger
  • Eppa Hunton
  • Michael Jennings
  • Rhoda Therese San Jose
  • Melinda King
  • Joe LaMontagne
  • Cheryl Masseur-Lewis
  • Tammy Lilly
  • Eugene Mason
  • Michael McFarlane
  • Ann Moore
  • Brenda Morgan
  • Johanne Mullarkey
  • Renee Norman
  • Tim O’Donohue
  • Jack Page
  • Sherry Parker
  • Wanda Rhyne
  • Mary Rombs
  • Myers Russ
  • Jennifer Sacco
  • Jane Silek
  • Rawleigh Simmons
  • Bonnie Stainback
  • Roberto Valencia
  • Melissa Wallace
  • Ronald Warren
  • Suzanne West


  • Kay Creasman
  • Carrie Coyner
  • Karla Floyd
  • Ruby Martin
  • Becky Taylor
  • Robin West
  • Cynthia Bruce
  • Mary Carroll
  • Kathleen Comiskey
  • Yolanda Lemus
  • Maureen Riordan
  • Reggie Tupponce
  • Mai Waye
  • Lynn Desena
  • Ed Generes
  • Melanie Mallery
  • Susan Marshall
  • Ruhi Mirza
  • Gant Redmon
  • Kathi Weaver


  • Judy Cannon
  • Stephanie Armstrong
  • Marilyn Cunningham
  • Steven Day
  • Yvette Kayton
  • Thomas Klein
  • Toni Ann Nista
  • Edda Berglund
  • Jeremy Brown
  • Charley Gates
  • Deborah Matheny
  • Allison Mills
  • Lisa Owen
  • Jessica Sinnott
  • Selena Smart
  • Mike Trowbridge
  • Doug Woody
Benefactors: $250 +    Stars: $100+   Champions: $50+   Contributors: $20+   Supporters: $5+

What has your PAC done for you lately?

In 2017, VLTA made several donations to influential committee chairs and committee members in the Virginia General Assembly. These donations included:

  • Friends of David Bulova
  • Friends of Kathy Byron
  • Friends of Todd Gilbert
  • Friends of Gregory Habeeb
  • Friends of Emmett Hanger, Jr.
  • Friends of Timothy Hugo
  • Friends of Manoli Loupassi
  • Friends of Monty Mason
  • Friends of Ryan McDougal
  • Friends of Stephen D. Newman
  • Friends of Thomas K. Norment, Jr.
  • Friends of Mark Obenshain
  • Friends of Christopher Peace
  • Friends of Richard Saslaw
  • Friends of Marcus Simon
  • Friends of R. Lee Ware
  • Friends of Jennifer Wexton
  • Commonwealth Victory Fund (Democratic Caucus)
  • House Republican Campaign Committee (Republican Caucus)

These donations help to support legislators that support our industry.  PAC contributions allow us to attend events which affords us face to face interactions with those crafting laws that affect our profession.  These events are opportunities to educate legislators about issues that dictate how we practice our profession and how these issues impact the land title industry.

How can you support the PAC?

VLTA 2017 346Fill out a form online at or participate in one of our fun events at the VLTA Annual Convention! Play “Shoot Your Favorite Underwriter” and see your favorite counsel wear the Big Boss Boa! Bid on our PAC Champion Trophy and boast ownership of the PAC Trophy in your office all year long. Or just drop by our PAC table with a donation. Every dollar counts!

Why should you support the PAC?

VLTA 2017 272In recent years, VLTA has vetted and reviewed hundreds of pieces of proposed legislation. Without firm and flourishing relationships with our state legislators, we won’t get the face-time we need to promote or defeat legislation affecting our industry. Your donations support our lobbying efforts specifically for the VIRGINIA land title industry

How much should you donate?

VLTA 2017 011$25        30 minutes of face-time with legislators at a caucus event

$50        Suggested annual membership donation

$250      General House or Senate campaign contribution

$500      Committee Chair campaign contribution

Every donation matters. If every member of VLTA gave just $5, we’d be able to fund contributions for 2 years!


Fidelity TrophyCongratulations to Fidelity National Title Insurance Company on winning the 2017 PAC Trophy. Thanks to their support, VLTA was able to gain valuable access to Virginia legislators, supporting important bills, and defeating legislation that might hurt our industry and Virginia’s homebuyers.

Stay tuned for the 2018 PAC Trophy Auction. Will your company compete to win VLTA’s highest advocacy honor? Bid on the trophy at this year’s Annual Convention, June 7-9 at the Richmond Omni Hotel. Learn more about the VLTA Annual Convention line at

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Learn more about the PAC and donate online at

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