page01The PAC Committee is very excited to announce we had great fundraising events at the Annual Convention this year.  We broke all records by having 55 contributors contribute $4,415.00 to the PAC!

We want to thank Fidelity National Title for sponsoring the PAC Booth at the VLTA Annual   Convention.  Did you attend the VTLA Annual Convention?  Did you “Shoot your Favorite Underwriter”?  I want to thank all ten of our Virginia Underwriters for their participation in this event. You could shoot darts at the pictures of John David Epperly, Frank McCormick, Norbert Prigge, Steve Blizzard, Katherine Crawford, Colleen Taylor, Kevin Pogoda, Michael Smith, Jeff Thompson, or Michael Holden.  John David Epperly had the most darts hit his picture so he won this event.   John David is a former Chair of the Board of Governors of the Real Property Section of the Virginia State Bar, and is currently the State Counsel for the Fidelity National Title Group family of companies (Fidelity National Title, Chicago Title, and Commonwealth Land Title), providing title underwriting assistance to agents and company operations throughout Virginia. He is a frequent seminar speaker on real estate and title insurance issues

Our next fundraiser was the PAC Trophy which is absolutely beautiful.  Fidelity National Title was the highest bidder for the trophy –an amazing $1000.  Thank you Fidelity National Title! The PAC Trophy gives Fidelity the bragging rights of having the PAC Trophy in their office for one year.  We are expecting some great pictures of the PAC trophy having a fun time at the Fidelity offices.  The PAC Trophy will be returned to VLTA the end of May 2018, so it can be auctioned off at our 2018 VLTA Annual Convention in Richmond.

The VLTA PAC is a critical tool in our advocacy program.  It allows us to support legislators who are friendly to our profession and issues in the General Assembly. Every year, the legislature considers bills that could potentially impact our profession and the way our business is conducted in Virginia. It is imperative that we have a seat at the table when these decisions are being discussed. A strong PAC provides us that opportunity.

Myrna Keplinger


Myrna Keplinger is the Principle of the Settlement Group in Burke, Virginia. She is the VLTA PAC Chair, and a Past President of VLTA. 

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