VCTSAlogov3The Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent™ course is the only formal instructional program available for title settlement agents in Virginia. VLTA developed the VCTSA course to promote higher standards and skills for title settlement agents to benefit the land title industry and real property consumers. The class has been completed, but to ensure that everything is ship-shape, we’re launching a brief beta-testing window through September 27th.

This course has been approved for:

  • 16 hours of CE (13 Title + 3 Law/Regulations)

CLE credits have been filed, but we have not yet received a response.

Three Beta Testers will be selected on Monday, September 25 at 12pm to receive a FREE online VCTSA course.

How to enter

Enter online – click here – to win one of our three Beta Tester slots. No need to login – just fill out the form & we’ll announce the winners on Monday!

If selected, you must agree to carefully proofread the VCTSA online class for content, grammar, and spelling, and report back to VLTA on any mistakes or concerns you note within 6 weeks of beginning the course, or by November 10th, whichever is sooner. In exchange for your fabulous help, we’ll waive the fee for the class ($260-$520). You’ll earn the VCTSA designation and a whole lot of CE credits!

VCTSA general registration

General registration for the VCTSA course will open on September 27, 2017 at 10am. Learn more about our certification programs here:

Certification Courses (VCTE & VCTSA)


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